Events for Winter 2017


BOT Huther Night

Tuesday, Tuesday 24th 8:00pm



Hello Environment! Come hang out with your ESS Crew and the rest of the faculty at Huther for Free food and Great Chats!







February 6 - 10 

Hello Environment! Are you ready for midterms? Neither are we? 

Luckily your ESS team has your back with a week of events to help you relax and get your head in that midterm game. 

Join us Monday, February 6th in the ESS Coffee Lounge for a Free Cookie Giveaway. 

ESS Execs will periodically be giving away Coffee Shop cookies throughout the day. 

Join us Wednesday, February 8th in the ESS Coffee Lounge for Therapy Dog Wednesday. National Service Dogs (NSD) will be joining us from 11am - 1pm to make sure everyone sees a fluffy friend during midterms.  

NSD has about 30 puppies that will be needing homes in April-June find out more on how you could raise your own service puppy for NSD, by visiting their website.

On Friday, February 10th join us at CIF for Yoga and Tea to end you week! More details can be found on our facebook page.







SAVE THE DATE: MARCH 31st 8pm - 1am