As per Section 4.3 of the ESS Constitution entitled 'Refunds", all undergraduate environment students are eligible to refund the ESS fee. If a student wishes to refund the ESS fee, they must request that refund within the first 3 weeks of the term. For the Spring 2015 term, the last day to request a refund will be May 20th. Students will then be notified when their refunds are ready for pick up and must do so within five days after receiving notification by email from the ESS Vice-President Finance. The notification will occur after ESS has received money from the Federation of Students. Any student who has received a refund loses their membership rights as outlined in Article IV of the ESS Constitution.

If you would like to request a refund, please complete the refund form.

Once you have completed the form, make sure you regularly check your UWaterloo email to know when your refund will be available for pick up.